IBNI Store is the name of a shopping revolution in India. The online shopping experience has evolved over the past few years, IBNI has capitalized on this opportunity to help you order your favorite products in one click. The brand already has a significant presence in the UAE and provides customers with excellent quality products. The brick-and-mortar business concept is outdated and online shopping is the future. You can enjoy top-notch quality products at very affordable rates throughout the India with IBNI Online Store. IBNI Online Store offers a variety of products and is your local alternative to others in the market.

The idea behind the IBNI Online Store is to facilitate our valued customers by offering them high-quality products at their doorstep without adding to their cost. The IBNI Online Store has a wide network of suppliers that is continuously expanding to serve you throughout the region and beyond. We also have access to the best product suppliers across the globe. This helps us engage with our customers and let them experience the very best.

IBNI Online Store operates its business on the following core values:

Wide range for products

IBNI Online Store takes immense pride in offering a wide range of choices to the customers. Our products include electronic items, food items, clothing, household items and many more. Explore our catalog to find the product you need. Our products are organized to make it convenient for you when you are looking for a particular product in a category. For us, simplicity of the process is the key to business success; therefore, managing

Value addition

We offer value with the products as we understand the importance of excellent customer service. Most businesses out there just try to sell their products by bombarding the customers with unnecessary information. The IBNI Online Store lets you make an informed decision about your purchase by providing you a suitable platform. We believe in an excellent user experience for our valued customers.

Aftersales service

The IBNI Online Store offers a holistic shopping experience to its users. Your transaction doesn’t end with your purchase, we go out of our way to satisfy you with our aftersales service. You can reach us on our given number to know more about the products you purchased or if you have any other queries. This is the part of our business where we leave an indelible mark on the online business industry.


Your convenience is a priority for the IBNI Online Store. You can get your favorite products delivered to your doorstep in no time. Our service is fast, convenient, and the most reliable in the industry. For us, the customer comes first and every aspect of our online business is designed to convey this message to the customers.